Purging Negativity, Part One: Matt (20 Going on 8)

Now that we're about a month and a half into 2011, I'm realizing some things about myself that I don't really like.  I'm now realizing that I've been a hardcore doormat and letting people walk all over me just because I don't like being at home alone on a Saturday night.  Because of this, I've harbored a lot of resentment towards a select few people in particular.  They've repeatedly sucked the energy out of me and it's about time I break free.  I feel that writing about each one of these people one at a time will help me get rid of bottled up anger I have, and someday I will look back and laugh that I let these deplorable people into my life.  Names are changed to protect the innocent and ignorant.

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Well that got super long!! Part Two will be just as exciting as Part One, guaranteed. I have a whole lot of shitty friends to pick from. Man, I really was a hardcore doormat!!

Hosting woes

I'm a hostess/cashier at a family owned breakfast joint. Now, we're a small enough restaurant to where we don't even need hosts; we do it to keep it as even and fair as possible to the servers. Yet most of the time, the servers thinks we're trying to stiff them table wise.

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If the teacher tells you not to sign up for the 9:30 to 11:00 slots, that's not code for everyone take all of the 9:30 to 11:00 slots.

Oy vey.
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Dear Roommate,

I was watching that.

No Love,

On a lighter note, mmmm soup.
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